About Us



                 Communication Solutions was founded in 1995 by Daren Connel. When it started, the company had a small kiosk in a mall in Fort Worth, TX where Daren sold pagers! He worked tirelessly (think mall hours) over the next few years to get an opportunity to open what was then Southwestern Bell Wireless retail locations.  

                Within a few more years, Communication Solutions had grown to open multiple locations and expanded to Oklahoma. Southwestern Bell eventually became Cingular, and with that we opened several new locations in Oklahoma and Texas. Then Cingular became AT&T, which led to even more opportunities! 

                We currently operate 19 retail locations in Oklahoma, 2 retail locations in North Texas, as well as a dedicated Business Solutions Center. We have several new locations planned and are extremely grateful for all the people who’ve helped us be successful along the way! 



At Communication Solutions, we serve our customers by discovering what they want and providing an experience that helps them achieve those wants. Our goal is for every customer to have an extraordinary experience.  

We work diligently to uphold AT&T’s reputation and achieve their objectives.

We serve our co-workers by helping them stay focused on their service to others. We actively look for ways to help our co-workers be more productive and efficient. The goal is to minimize the amount of effort that the “next” person has to exert. 

We look for opportunities to give our employees a “standing ovation.” We are building the leaders of tomorrow by guiding them to find a path to success. No leader is ever given the instructions - a leader’s job is to discover the right path and charge forward. We are all training for greatness. We treat each day as an opportunity to take another step towards fulfilling every bit of our potential. 



Business customers are turning to AT&T Communication Solutions  to help mobilize their people, processes and assets, making them more productive. We help them address current challenges and anticipate those in the future. They want new technology that works with existing systems, a secure mobile environment and a way to stay ahead of competitors through innovation and flexibility. We give them the ability to do all this with our reliable, highly-secure worldwide network.

AT&T serves more than 3.5 million business customers, including nearly all of the Fortune 1000 companies – in all major industries

We offer wireless, wireline and Wi-Fi solutions that uniquely position us to address challenges and mobilize businesses – large and small.

We focus on what matters. Our portfolio is designed to help our customers connect, virtualize, protect and manage their businesses. When it comes to mobility, we have the whole package:

•    The nation’s most reliable 4G LTE network

•    The best portfolio of device 

•    Applications 

•    Security solutions 

•    Cloud technology 

•    Oh…and we’re local!

Give us a call today and our dedicated and knowledgeable team will support your company with the most innovative products and solutions. We will use our wealth of experience working in all major industries, from the smallest to the largest, to give your business the AT&T Communication Solutions competitive advantage.